Jennifer Toft is a super hero

My daughter and I had been long time residents of a rental here in Simi Valley when one day we received a letter from an attorney telling us that our elderly landlord had passed away and that her children have decided to list the property for sale. So now we were facing the end of the gun barrel  looking for a new place to live, and were now set on the journey looking for solutions to our dilemma. I had signed up online while looking at listings in our area so I was eager to get with an agent. Later I received a call and with that call came a bright light to show us the way. She helped us through the ins and outs of buying our very own mobile home. If you want one of the very best on your side, she works for RE/MAX and she saved our lives. To us Jennifer Toft is a super hero. Please contact her. She is an inspiration, always there and always ready to help you make it happen. Good luck and God Bless!