Organizing a Work at Home Space

Interested in creating a functional and practical work from home space? Follow these steps to set one up:

First, think about your needs. Consider the type of work you do and the materials you need in your workspace. For example, if you maintain a lot of paperwork, you might want a filing cabinet. If you’re responsible for printing documents, you’ll need a printer and extra paper and ink.

Second, find a good spot. Find a good location to set up your home office. For some, this might be a spare bedroom or den. For others, it might be a corner of the kitchen or the end of a hallway. Look around your home and find a location that suits the needs of your work and your house.

Third, use what you already have. Avoid purchasing lots of new furniture and supplies by re-purposing things you already have in your home. Old tables, mismatched chairs, and half-full bookcases are all great options for furnishing your home office space.

Next, create an organizational system. Think about your workflow. Create a system of organization that will maximize your productivity and keep your work documents organized and easy to access. If you’re working with limited space, consider hanging file folders on the wall to save desk area or adding cabinets above your desk to store office supplies.

Then, make it cozy. Add personal elements to make your workspace comfortable and intimate. Family pictures, a fun coffee mug, and a soft throw blanket are all great items that add flair and comfort to your home office area.

Finally, maintain your system. Use your organizational system to keep your work items orderly. Adjust the design as needed once you get into a workflow. Add filing cabinets, trays, or other functional elements to help keep you focused on your tasks.