Celebrating Easter in quarantine – Ways to keep it special!

Whether it’s birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays we’d usually spend with family, we have seen so many creative and fun ways to celebrate while at home!

With Easter just around the corner, we want to make sure all who celebrate can still experience the special family time that comes with the holiday. Check out our list of tips for a quarantine friendly Easter below!

Celebrate with your extended family
Just because you can’t be with family physically doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the holidays together! We have LOVED seeing virtual birthday parties through face time and happy hours through zoom during this time. We can’t wait to see the virtual Easters as well! Make them a success with We’ve had to adapt to many things while practicing #shelterinplace, and that includes holidays. some of these fun ideas:
Have a cook-off! Even if you can’t eat with your aunt in Colorado or your cousin in Oregon, you can still enjoy trying the same recipes together! Decide on a recipe ahead of time and have all family members cook it. Then, when it’s time to eat you can have a taste test together over a video call!
Break out the china. Bring out your nice holiday dishes or tablecloth and enjoy your meal over video call with the whole family. This makes the day feel extra special and breaks it up from the day-to-day mundaneness that can come from social distancing.
Celebrate with your neighborhood.
Since many of us will not be able to see extended family for the holiday, celebrate with those in closest proximity to you! There are many ways to get your neighborhood involved in the holiday, but here are our favorites: 
Bunny scavenger hunt! Have your neighbors hide a bunny so that it is visible from their front yard. This could be a stuffed animal I the front window, yard decoration, or even a chalk drawing. On Easter, take the family out for a walk and search for bunnies!
Egg art 
Get your neighborhood involved in the holiday AND let your little ones show off their art skills! Decorate egg art with crayons, glitter, stickers… you name it. Then tape it in your front window for neighbors to enjoy. For even more fun, get them to participate and enjoy an art walk to view everyone’s creations.
Looking for a way to spread the word? Let your neighbors know about these fun Easter activities by emailing this blog, giving them a call, or post on Next Door! This is a great way to reach out to neighbors that you may not have met yet or who are new to your neighborhood.
Plan ahead
Now more than ever it’s important to plan ahead! Ordering Easter basket stuffers, scheduling drop off for Easter dinner ingredients… all of these shipments are taking longer to arrive with the influx of orders coming in. 
Use this as a chance to relax 
It’s easy to get down when we can’t see our families on a holiday. To find a silver lining and enjoy your Easter, think of this as a time to relax and appreciate this time that you have with your immediate family.