Decor Trends for 2020: Is Gray Out and Color In?

The new year is always a good time to think about refreshing and updating your home decor. New home trends are gearing toward pops of color and accents instead of monotones of beiges and whites. Let’s take a look at what interior designers are predicting for home decor trends in 2020.

Floral wallpaper. Embrace the looks of modern floral wallpaper because this trend is making a comeback. Today’s wallpapers feature contemporary patterns with bold flowers and metallic, textured designs.

Navy blue walls and accents. It appears that we’ll see walls, trim, and cabinet faces in navy and royal blue this year. Blue is a sophisticated and versatile color that makes a lovely contrast to white or cream trim.

Colorful kitchens. White kitchens are common, but the trend is moving toward more color. From brightly painted cabinet faces to natural wood islands and shelves, it looks like plain white kitchens are being replaced with colorful ones.

Vintage art and accents. Contemporary furniture and art are taking a back seat to antique art. Furniture with spooled legs and spindles that resemble pieces made in the 1800s are also gaining popularity. Unless you’re going for a full-vintage look, use the pieces sparingly as statement pieces.

High-contrast decor. Homeowners are looking for more contrast in their decor than just one color. Adding touches of dark against light, such as a dark fabric on a chair with a light-colored frame or a dark-colored cabinet with light-colored hardware, makes interesting contrasts.

Let your imagination soar while dreaming up new decor trends to add to your home in 2020.

Source: Good Housekeeping